La Rochelle, L’île de Ré en vidéo

    Ophidie Circus My circus school

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After six years of consecutive success that required a lot of investment, material and human resources, the Clos occupation contract granted by the La Flotte Town Hall was only renewed in 2019. Corinne Keller and Marie la Bohème find themselves at the foot of the wall to find a new location for the future. However, they both keep an overwhelming enthusiasm since last year, they welcomed more than 600 children for circus workshops. The investments that the association puts in place maintain at the highest level the security imposed for this type of activity, without receiving any subsidy. To promote the children of the north of the island, the team has set up another tent, “the Java des Baleines“ in Saint-Clément. When we see the joy and the smile of the children during the internships, we do not understand why the people of the Ile de Ré want to separate from this fun show that brings so much culture and fulfillment to our young people. Yet it is an activity largely organized for the residents of the island! “The Studio“ - Catherine Salez receives Corinne Keller and Marie la Bohème - production Yves Morin - ré-télé

«Le Petit Rhéta» un journal satirique et humoristique sera lancé dès le printemps 2018. Ce support bimensuel est constitué d’un journal d’actualités traité de manière décalée et intégrant des publicités de l’actualité et des reportages.

«Le Studio» dont les reportages ont déjà commencé à s’ouvrir à l’extérieur de l’île et à s’intéresser à La Rochelle ainsi qu’à la Région.