La Rochelle, L’île de Ré en vidéo

    Where is the island religious life?

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What is becoming of religion in this modern world? Let's welcome Father Cottereau for a studio a little longer than usual. If he recognizes that many Rhetians have left aside the practice of Catholicism, he notes that the fact of the island territory, the aging of the population, is no stranger to the question of God. His concern is to respond to the expectations and great questions of life to help people search for the meaning of their lives. After having re-discovered her beginnings and the reasons for her choice for God, Catherine and Father Cottereau, pastor of the Ile de Ré, evoked the great subjects of the Catholic Church, the pontificates of the two Popes, and Francis full exercise, by not neglecting taboo topics like pedophilia that shakes the Vatican and many countries right now “The Studio“ - Catherine Salez receives Père Cottereau - production Yves Morin -

«Le Studio» qui une fois par mois sera consacré à un opérateur économique sous une forme rédactionnelle à définir avec ce dernier.

La préparation d’un film de cinquante minutes consacré à l’île de Ré, à son territoire et à sa population tels qu’ils sont et non tels que les médias nationaux nous les donnent à voir chaque saison estivale dans des dossiers spéciaux.